Best of Law Firm MarketingLegal Blogging: How to Craft the Right Strategy – Best tip from this article: use the blog as a way to introduce yourself to new people. Lawyers and law firms can create interesting online antidepressants europe articles because they often find themselves at the heart of matters that affect businesses. If your law firm – large or small – isn’t blogging yet, why not? You can create content others will want to read.

More on Law Firm Blogging  – What to Blog About (or: How to Keep Blogging) – You can do it! It’s not as difficult as you think. Even if you’re a single attorney with a practice you’ve just started, a blog is a fast and quick way to demonstrate your expertise and get more clients. Also read: Six Law Firm Blogging Tips That Get Results and Eight Law Firm Blog Post Ideas.

How to Meet Your Blog Goals for 2016 – Nice tips. The best advice is what we say to all our clients, too – show your expertise! But you don’t need to be posting on other sites to show you’re an expert. Create a blog on your own law firm website and use it to demonstrate that you know your practices and your typical clients. Publish articles online then tweet about them and promote them socially.

More about how important it is to be an expert (and seen as one, too): Expanding Your Practice: Be the Expert Remember, when thinking of hiring a lawyer, prospective clients are asking, “Has this attorney helped people (or companies) like me in situations like mine?” If you speak to that question, you’ll get the client. There are many ways to do that – with a blog, with customer testimonials, with well-conceived attorney biographies and with information about your typical clients and cases. We can help you incorporate all of that into a new website. Get a quote for you new site now.

Time for a Profitability Tune-Up – You know this already, but your law firm is a business. If you’re not analyzing your business often – pricing, expenses, practices – you’re missing opportunities. This article includes good advice to help your firm stay on track.

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