Pricing and What You Get:

What should law firm website design cost?

If you’re asking yourself about what a typical law firm website design costs and what it should include, look no further.

We can help your law firm – large or small – create a contemporary new website that helps attract and retain clients. We provide an array of services to make your website easy to manage, effective and affordable. Whether you’re a single attorney or part of a large law firm, our websites can work for you. Your WordPress content management system will let you add and delete pages and even create entire new sections for your site – anytime. Publish articles, add new attorney biographies and practice area descriptions and even modify forms on your site. We’ll show you how!

A professional, high-quality website doesn't have to cost a fortune. Your law firm can get a stylish and affordable website with Law Firm Web Design.

Do the math. You get more for your money with Law Firm Web Design. Websites for law firms start at only $3,500.

Affordable Pricing

Fully built WordPress websites start at only $3,500.

Law Firm Web Design’s prices are always affordable. A large firm will pay a bit more than a small firm, but Law Firm Web Design provides the best value for firms of all sizes. Get a quote and find out how cost-effective your new law firm website can be!

Law Firm Website Design costs don't have to be high

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune for top-quality law firm website design.

WordPress Content Management System

Powerful and easy-to-use content management is at your fingertips.

You may know WordPress as a tool for bloggers. It’s become much more than that. In fact, it’s a robust content management system that’s used to maintain over 50 million entertainment, educational and business websites and blogs. This online content management system makes it easy to work with text, graphics and documents. WordPress is a proven solution that helps reduce development and maintenance costs for your law firm website. Best of all, with WordPress, you won’t be tied to some proprietary system that’s not portable.


Professionally Crafted Designs

Your law firm deserves high-quality, stylish web design. Our layouts are easy-to-use, modern and can grow and change as your law firm grows. We’ll customize your website with your logo and the colors you want. We also provide other customization services as needed.

Your website comes with:

  • Customized home page layout
  • Custom colors, fonts and your logo
  • Optional blog with or without comments
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools – Our sites are built with best practices for SEO (search engine optimization, or ‘how to get Google to show your site in search results’), and we can refer you to an SEO expert and/or a content writer if your goal is to have your firm show up high in organic search results.
The sky's the limited with professionally created design templates. We'll customize them for your law firm.

The sky’s the limited with professionally created design templates. We’ll customize them for your law firm.

Complete Website Development from Start to Finish – Fast!

Detail-oriented designers will build your website.

The full site design and development process can be completed in as little as 4 weeks, with most sites taking from 8 – 12 weeks start to finish.

Website development for lawyers

Training and Ongoing Support

Update your own website. We’ll show you how!

We’ll help you learn how to make the most of your new WordPress content management system. Each design comes with easy-to-use features that let you customize your site with unique features and content. Add tabbed areas, callout boxes, icons, buttons and more. We’ll show you how! Each website includes online training and documentation to help you.

You'll learn how to update your own website anytime.

You’ll learn how to update your own website anytime.

Get Your New Law Firm Website

An affordable, easy-to-use law firm website doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Contact us for a FREE quote today.