Articles about Online Marketing for Law FirmsThis month’s best articles about online marketing for law firms, from around the Web.

Writing and Blogging

Why your blog sucks
Blogging can be difficult, but if you keep these tips in mind, your law firm blog can stay interested and attract people to your firm’s website

Dramatically Raise the Value of Any Piece of Content with These 27 Tactics
Tips we especially like:  Link Internally to Relevant or Related Resources and Make Your Content Easy to Share
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Search Engines and Social Media

Lawyer or Attorney? Which is better for the search engines? 
If you are writing for your law firm blog, or for your firm’s website, you’re probably thinking about search engine optimization. So, which word you should you use to describe yourself – “attorney” or “lawyer”? According to this research, “the word of choice to optimize for is attorney. In the United States it is searched on over twice as many times as the word lawyer.”

How Search Works
From the people who should know – Google. This is a great interactive.

Facebook for Law Firms? Yes, Really
We would say the practicality of this depends on the size of your law firm, your culture and who your clients are. If you don’t have the resources, aren’t “interesting” enough or have clients who wouldn’t use Facebook, it’s still not for you.

How Should Law Firms Approach Social Media
From the American Bar Association. An idea we support: “Lawyers unfamiliar with the tools should enlist new associates fresh out of law school to provide practical tutorials—they’ve always swum in this sea, and naturally have a different mindset.”

Five Tips for Law Firm Social Media
Our favorites: Listen and Respond

Attorney Website Design

3 Steps to a Better Attorney Profile 
If you’re creating a new site or working on yours, you may want to learn how to make your attorney biography speak to prospects.

Internet marketing for lawyers: what law firms can learn from retailer websites
Online retailers know how to convert leads into customers. Your law firm website could benefit from their expertise.

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