My website will look just like someone else’s site.

We'll customize your WordPress design theme so it fits your law firm's personality.

We’ll customize your website based on information we gather from you.

Law Firm Web Design will work closely with you to create a unique website that’s all your own. It will have a unique color scheme, fonts, and, of course, content. Your site will speak to your prospective clients in your firm’s voice. Images on the site will reflect your specialties, clients and location.

That being said, many websites DO look alike nowadays. Design on the Web has become more standardized over time; there’s less variation on the Web than there used to be. In many ways, this is a good thing. Visitors come to your website with certain expectations about how it will look and function based on other sites they’ve visited. If you stray too far “outside the box” with your design, visitors may be unsure how to find what they need. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

I’m stuck with the layout I see.

We don’t consider our law firm website templates finished designs. To us, they provide a framework in which to be creative. They’re just a starting point. In fact, because we have less code to worry about, we can spend more time on the finer elements of your site’s design. As our design templates have evolved, they’ve gotten easier to change. We can move features around, add and delete elements and, of course, modify colors, fonts and images on your firm’s website. What you see in our library of law firm website templates is not the end – it’s just the beginning.

Functionality is limited. My website will be static and boring.

Law Firm Web Design will build your website on the WordPress platform. WordPress is an open-source platform, so thousands of people are developing tools to make it more powerful and robust. As of this writing, there are almost 30,000 plugins we can use to add features and functionality to your website. If you have an idea, there is probably a tool out there that can do the job. Best of all, proven solutions are usually quite reasonably priced.  

Customization is hard or time-consuming.
I may need special software or other investments.

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We’ll customize your site based on feedback we gather from you. Some templates – mainly older ones – may be harder to customize than newer ones, but every WordPress theme can be customized. We’re experts with years of experience making WordPress themes fit our clients’ needs. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re happy with your new website.

Once your site is up, we’ll show you how to update it. At that point, you won’t need us to create a good-looking and unique page. Most of our templates allow you to add eye-catching features to any page, such as colorful buttons, tabs or colorful boxes that call attention to important parts of a page. Some of our designs give you even more control and allow you to change background colors and images, add your own slideshows and create and add unique sidebars to each page you create. The possibilities are almost endless.

Templates don’t perform well in search engines.

We’re really not sure how this rumor got started because it is definitely NOT TRUE. In fact, WordPress websites can be structured to do better in search engines than other websites. Web addresses can automatically be created based on the name of your web page, which can really help your placement. SEO plugins (like the one provided with your Law Firm Web Design site) let you see each page like the search engines do, so you can target specific keywords and phrases more precisely and without guesswork. WordPress makes it easy to update your site anytime, too. A website that’s update often will out-perform other websites.

Our lightweight code means pages load faster, too, which can help your site with search engines. Of course, while search engines are important, we never forget who matters most – the people who will visit your site. If prospects and clients like your site, they’ll refer more clients to you, share your site on social networks and help drive more people to you.

I won’t stand out.

We believe that good design is good business.

Good, clean website design will help your law firm build credibility with prospective clients. Have you looked at how bad some of your competitors’ sites are? Many are truly terrible. Even many high-end, multinational law firms have websites that have been put together poorly. We’ll help make the complex simple for your prospective clients and create a website that’s easy to use. That alone will help your firm stand out. Your site will include high-quality images, a pleasing color palette and custom typography. Enhance your firm’s reputation and stand out with your own law firm blog that you can update anytime.

Law Firm Web Design will take the time to get to know your firm. We’ll learn – and share – your vision. Our design will help you stand out because it will reflect what’s unique about your law firm.

Templates aren’t scalable. If my law firm grows it won’t work anymore.

This is another one that’s completely untrue. It’s quite easy to add, remove and re-organize your website when it’s built on WordPress. Most websites have one main navigation bar, although many could have two or three. With WordPress, you can add pages to any navigation by simply dragging and dropping them. If your firm has 10 attorneys today and grows to 100, WordPress can accommodate that. It’s also easy to add new practices and office locations. WordPress even makes it easy to change the complete look and feel of your site. Everything is stored in a database, just install and customize a new theme and you’ve got a brand new website, with less effort than standard html or other content management systems.

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