Law firms should understand Google+Google plus should be on every law firm’s radar. Google announced recently that they’ll be modifying their privacy policies across all their brands, including YouTube, Gmail, Google and Google+. There won’t be a way to opt out. This will give Google an enormous amount of knowledge about its users. It will also allow them to customize each user’s experience to a degree not seen until now. Search engine optimization will still be important, but the rules are changing, so it’s important for your law firm to understand how Google is changing.

Wondering what your law firm should know about Google+? Here’s the latest:

Top 5 Ways Google + Helps Your Search Engine Rankings

This article explains how to grow your law firm website’s audience with Google+. It describes Google+ as “a vital component of your online marketing strategy”. If it’s not, it should be in the near future.

Why Your Business Needs to Be on Google+ Now

Getting the picture? Your law firm could be benefit from taking advantage of Google+.  Did you know they already have over 90 million users? This isn’t just for large firms – individual attorneys can certainly benefit, too.

Confessions of a Google junkie (or, Privacy? What privacy?)

If all this talk about privacy interests you like it does us, you may want to take a look at this article.  If the privacy angle isn’t interesting, what the author says about what expects in return for giving up privacy should be of interest. He talks about highly tailored ads and search results. That’s where your law firm can get more exposure, if you know how to use Google+.

Want to know more about how Google+ relates to search results?

Take a look at the video below. It’s a bit old (Google+ is simply called a Google Profile) but it helps put it all in perspective.


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